Does your website need a facelift?

Website redesign timeDepending on when your site was developed and whether is has been adequately maintained your website may need a make-over and facelift. Just as styles change in fashion website styles evolve and change as well. They change aesthetically and the code that delivers the content changes. The current website design style is called Web 2.0.

A simple summary of Web 2.0 design principles include:

Simplicity, central layout, fewer columns, separate top section, solid areas of screen real-estate, simple navigation, bold logos, bigger text, bolder text introductions, strong colors, rich surfaces, gradients, reflections and cute icons. This is a lot of design talk but what it adds up to is a website that provides an easier, simpler experience for the user. It gets rid of design elements that provide a lot of distraction to the page and provides clarity to the main message you want to get across. There is much lesss clutter.

What matters most?

It’s very important to make sure your website looks fresh, is visible to your target audience (cross-browser compatible) and stands out amongst your competitors. It must also be search engine friendly and deliver your message consistently. I’m not suggesting you subscribe to every new trendy website trick but no matter what your target audience is be it conservative business or cutting edge there are certain changes you should not ignore when it comes to your website on the WWW:

Below are 7 key reasons for a website redesign:

  1. The site looks old-fashioned compared to my competitors
  2. The site no longer provides the functionality I need (want online forms, registration, a blog, simple e-commerce, a RSS feed, etc.)
  3. My business has grown and my website has remained stagnant
  4. I want my site to stand-out among my competitors
  5. The site doesn't not have the look and feel of my business or brand is not consistent
  6. Potential customers cannot find my site in search engines
  7. My site doesn't’t look fresh, the content is old, and is not kept updated
  8. My site fails to meet W3C coding standards
A final consideration for you: Your website is the most important element in your marketing communication plan. People no longer rely on printed literature to learn about your company and your website is your portal to your customers. People usually stay less than 30 seconds on a website and that is your window to capture, engage, and educate them about why they should or continue to do business with you. Make that 30 seconds count!

Contact me for a one page analysis of your current website:

I will run a page through diagnostics to check on how it stacks up according to W3C standards and give you a report. Contact me today via phone 815.214-1004 or e-mail me!

Valid CSSvalid XHTML I develop Websites that are W3C compliant. The W3C is an acronym for the World Wide Web Consortium. The Consortium develops specifications and standards for coding practices. Read my article on how important this is to your Website!

Pat Stoiber
GetSetInternet Website Designer